Terrifying Week for Health Freedom and Parental Rights

Terrifying Week for Health Freedom and Parental Rights

We had some pretty devastating decisions against our health freedom and parental rights last week.

Jonathan, in AZ, had his colon removed against his mother’s consent.  

His mother dared to ask for a second opinion regarding her son’s very complicated health issues. She questioned the doctor and was severely punished.  

Are we meant to all hail the white coat in this country or are we meant to have individual rights provided to us by our maker and protected by the constitution of this great republic?  She was stripped of her parental making authority and banned from the hospital leaving Jonathan to face a terrifying procedure without the comfort of his mother.  Jonathan has autism and one can only imagine how terrified he was, wondering if he would ever see his mother again. Does the doctor have the right to demand that you follow their recommendation or face tyrannical forced surgeries, drugs, or treatments such as chemo?  Does the hospital policies trump your parental authority?  Does child protective services (CPS) have the right to remove your parental rights because they don’t like the healthcare decisions you are making?

To watch the full story from his mother’s point of view  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj_BaOJ9K38

In Eagle ID a group of residents has been fighting for their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on their own properties.

ADA county decided against the citizen’s health and property rights by siding with Verizon and allowing a cell tower to be placed at a very unsafe distance of 20 steps from the property line of the city of Eagle’s private property owners.

If they can’t find justice in the court system their families will be subject to known and unknown health risks of long-term exposure to radio waves and microwaves.  We do know that the people within .25 mile radius of these towers will be in danger from the microwaves of the cell phone towers interfering with their bodies own EMFs, causing a variety of potential health problems including headaches, memory loss, cardiovascular stress, low sperm count, birth defects, and cancer. To add insult to injury these homeowners could face up to 20% value loss of their properties.  

Should citizens be subject illness, death, noise nuisance, and or loss in property value so that others can have faster internet speed or so Verizon can continue to profit?

Is Verizon’s profit more important than the property owner’s values because they have endless money?

Are you ok with the county selling you out because they are too afraid to stand up to the bully companies?

Telecommunications Act of 1996 essentially removed the value of life and well being of the residents of an affected community in favor of money and profit and tied the hands of local officials to deny a tower based on health concerns. This does NOT excuse our local authorities from their duty to protect Idaho citizens in life and property. This means that our local authorities must get creative and assert their authority in protecting our property values for the sake of our health but they didn’t follow through on their responsibility, now it’s in the hands of the courts.

Learn More at ReactUnite.org

As we know, there is a worldwide attack on natural and holistic healing practices.

We were closely following the Jeromie & Jennifer Clark case in Canada. John Wyatt Clark’s family first used natural methods to heal their son and then took him to the hospital. According to the testimony, the baby was responsive and was also responding neurologically. That was until the hospital gave the baby WAY too much saline at WAY too fast of a rate. Instead of the hospitals’ actions coming under scrutiny, it was the healthy lifestyle of the family that has been on the chopping block. The Clark’s were found guilty and could face up to 30 years in prison.  

For a full updated on this case, you can listen to David Stephan here https://www.facebook.com/david.stephan.568/videos/10161249504075722/. David Stephan has become the real journalist in this matter because he had faced a similar trial in Canada when his child died.  David is an activist and tries to fight big pharma while getting the truth out about vaccines and is a proponent of healthy living.  His bravery and passion are inspiring but it was a heavy blow to all of us when the Clark’s were found guilty.  David reported that the journalists that were in the courtroom cheered as their rights were being stripped from them.  Absolutely tragic.

There comes a time when being awake isn’t enough. We are called to rise up and stand for truth. David Stephan

 Citizens, where is your line?

Do these thieving of rights only matter if it is YOUR rights that are being stolen or will you defend your neighbors rights too?  Will you realize that when your neighbor loses a right they hold dear that the next one up for grab will be your own precious right?  Will you have neighbors to come alongside you and defend your right because you fought alongside them or will you face tyranny alone because the right of your neighbor didn’t concern you?  These are the decisions that we must face today.  I have friends that are passionate about all kinds of rights; data mining, gun control, religious freedom, land rights, etc.  

FIND YOUR PASSION  and get involved.  

If you are not sure what is most important to you just check your Facebook posts or rants.  I can look at my thread and know for sure that I am deeply concerned about saving our children from the onslaught of health attacks and medical kidnapping in this country.  I’m regularly reading about GMOs, parental rights, vaccinations, natural healing etc. Last but not least, PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.  

We can’t fight these attacks on our freedom without you.  It takes money to fight these giants and we need donations TODAY!  Please become a member and also consider a monthly donation.  


Even $5.00 per month makes a difference.  

Yours in Health Freedom,

Miste Karlfeldt

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