Two More Countries Say No to GMOs!

Two More Countries Say No to GMOs!
Europe is Rejecting Monsanto’s GMOs! Two More Countries Say No to GMOs!

Two more European countries are rejecting genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Lativia and Greece have specifically said no to growing Monsanto’s genetically modified maize, or MON810, that’s widely grown in America and Asia but is the only variety grown in Europe.

Scotland and Germany were the first countries that booted GMOs. They feared that GMO crops would contaminate the food  and beverage and in this order put these industries in dangerous.

A tipping point just became evident through the actions of two additional European countries who have had enough of the Biotech strong arm. Latvia and Greece have also opted out of GMOs according to the allowances indicated in EU legislation.

The Monsanto’s MON810 GM Maize is currently the only genetically modified crop that is allowed to be grown in the EU. The countries that are part of the EU may accept or refuse to grow it according to the legislation.

As Sustainable Pulse explains, “while the European Commission is responsible for approvals, requests to be excluded also have to be submitted to the company making the application i.e. Monsanto for MON810.”

If this habit of denying Monsanto and its’ GMOs crop continues, this company will sure find a way to put on force their crops all over the world (e.g. the Trans Pacific Trade partnership). The only solution is to say NO, all countries together united against this danger to humanity.

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