Vaccine Choice Attorney Alan Phillips Jailed

Vaccine Choice Attorney Alan Phillips Jailed

Alan Phillips, J.D. is a nationally recognized expert and presenter on vaccine policy and law, and is the nation’s only attorney whose practice is focused solely on vaccine exemptions and legislative activism. He works with clients, attorneys, legislators, and activists throughout the U.S. concerning vaccines required at birth; for daycare, grade school, and college enrollment; as a condition of employment; for military members and families; for immigrants; for children of parents in child custody disputes; for international travel; and various subsets of these categories.

Attorney Phillips is a friend of Health Freedom Idaho and participated in our video interview regarding
Healthcare Employee Right to Vaccine Exemptions

Overview of Alan’s Case

North Carolina Attorney Alan Phillips Jailed for Maintaining Attorney-Client Privilege

Attorney Alan Phillips was sent to jail on Monday, April 29, 2019 for contempt of court for refusing to provide the North Carolina State Bar confidential client files. With no evidence of wrongdoing, and completely ignoring the sanctity of attorney-client privilege, the Bar secured a court order for his client records. Who knows what the motivations of the NC State Bar might be, but one thing is clear, this fishing expedition is unethical and requires an independent review of the NC State Bar. 

After Attorney Phillips refused to reveal his privileged client records, the judge found Attorney Phillips in contempt of court and sent him to jail, telling him he’d remain there for 48hrs. Attorney Phillips was told that, once released, he’d have ten days to comply with the court order, or he’d face additional jail time.

Here’s how you can help – Act Now!

  1. CONTACT NC MEDIA: Contact as many reporters as you can, asking them to look into this case, here’s some talking points.
  2. CONTACT NC LEGISLATORS: Contact as many reporters as you can, asking them to look into this case, here’s some talking points.
  3. DONATE to Attorney Phillips’ legal defense.

Detailed Background of Alan’s Case

For a more detailed background of how this has all transpired, please see the below resources:

Here’s how you can help – Act Now! 1) Help Contact the NC Media

Please take just a few minutes to a) download our television media contact spreadsheet, b) email as many reporters as you can, asking them to look into this issue (here’s talking points), and c) please copy OAMF on your email(s), our email is: [email protected]

2) Contact the NC Political Officials

Contact the NC State Governor’s Office, the NC State Attorney General’s Office, and as many NC State Representatives and Senators as you possible can (here’s talking points). Please copy OAMF on your email(s), our email is: [email protected]

3) Donate to Alan’s Legal Defense Fund

Alan’s Legal Defense GoFundMe campaign was removed by GoFundMe. However, donations can be made using PayPal. All donations are made directly to Alan’s PayPal account and will be used for his legal defense (court fees, transportation to and front court is several hours each trip, court records requests aren’t free, etc). You can donate directly to Alan by visiting PayPal at:

Talking Points for Media and Legislators

  • Attorney Alan Phillips is currently in jail for protecting his client’s privacy during a NC State Bar fishing expedition.
  • With no evidence of any wrongdoing, the NC State Bar is demanding that Attorney Alan Phillips reveal years of client records.
  • NC State Bar has ignored at least three complaints that Attorney Alan Phillips has submitted against Bar attorneys for their conduct and a number of other complaints that organizations nationwide have submitted regarding the same.
  • Attorney Alan Phillips is not the only attorney who has recently faced disbarment by the NC State Bar under unethical circumstances.
  • If they’d like further information, ask them if you can email them additional background information on this case, If so, here’s the latest press release from Attorney Alan Phillips.
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