Vaccine Injury Memorial Anne Frank Memorial BOISE Sat Sept 25

Vaccine Injury Memorial Anne Frank Memorial BOISE Sat Sept 25

Our local media was so concerned that people might hear from a minority, they tried to spread the word that the memorial/vigil for those who have been injured or killed from the jab has been canceled. That was a lie. These talking heads don’t want you to know about these numbers and hear from the victims themselves.

This event was well attended by compassionate individuals who wanted to honor the pain and suffering of others. And even with threats from a representative of the Anne Frank Memorial to call the police and several disrespectful hecklers, the event proceeded peacefully.

This event is NOT a protest. This is a memorial designed to honor the voice of those who are trying to speak out but are being intentionally silenced and ridiculed by much of the public. We were heckled. How IRONIC that it was a Human Rights Memorial representative was disruptive and threatened to call the police on this peaceful gathering.

Watch the event here:

a visual display created by local high schoolers. Each flower represents 100 lives lost or injured by the vaccine.

HFI hosted an event in Boise that the city attempted to silence with threats of calling the police. Truth prevailed!! We hosted an event ON PUBLIC PROPERTY that backs to the Human Rights Memorial. This event was to honor those who suffered injury and death.

We gathered today because of tragedy. Individuals who did what we have all be told to do, for our own safety and for the benefit of others, suffered disastrous results. Children are now without their mother, a man without the ability to walk. Teens and formerly healthy young adults now have lifelong heart conditions. Individuals are dead and damaged by an experimental medical product. And our communities and cities, instead of providing support and compassion have ignored – worse yet, ridiculed these families for speaking bout the injury they suffered.

In fact, we are outside the Human Rights Memorial because the city of Boise and those who maintain the Human Rights Memorial felt that the voices of the minority shouldn’t be heard. Those quotes you read in the memorial are there because someone felt it significant to hear from the victims and to learn from the tragedy.

How ironic Boise and those who manage the Human Rights Memorial are attempting to discriminate and silence us today. Threats to call the police in addition to having their volunteers stand behind the speakers, who have suffered from loss and permanent injury, in an attempt to mock them.

We came to acknowledge that more than 15,000 deaths nationwide have been reported. To give voice to the almost 21,000 people who are now struggling to live life with a permanent disability and the 12,000 whose hearts went from healthy to diseased After their jab. To all those who have said we shouldn’t have a memorial like this because there are 2000 Idahoans who died from COVID In the past 18 months. We want to also recognize there have been 2000 who reported having suffered from vaccine reactions in the past 9 months.

Honoring the suffering and pain of one individual does NOT deny the pain of another. There is enough pain to go around- what we are lacking is compassion.

HFI Response to those who think a memorial for the victims of vaccines is inappropriate

Those who have suffered Injury because of COVID vaccines are suffering pain AND RIDICULE. Today, I hope they felt honored. Let them know they are seen, they are heard, they are believed. #choosecompassion#Respect#solidarity

Video will be provided soon.

One flower represents 100 individuals whose hearts went from healthy to diseased after the shot.
Each lavender rose represents 100 people who now have to live with a permanent disability. The small flowers in the vase represent 100 preborn children who died after their pregnant moms received the vaccine.
Data for 9/17
one week increased of death, injury and suffering from the vaccine

We pray that those who are suffering and injured know that they are seen. heard. believed.

Rumble channel.

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