Welcome to the Era of Vaccine Extremism

Extremists will target others who don’t comply with their ideology. The Vaccine Extremists will target anyone who skips a single liability-free vaccine by personal choice — using mainstream media to consistently spout anti-health freedom and dehumanizing messages contributing to the climate of extreme intolerance. They then utilize brute force to ensure compliance with their ideology in the name of ‘science’ and public health. They eliminate access to any healthcare for children who don’t comply with the childhood schedule of 70 liability-free vaccines recommended by vaccine-patent holding CDC.

We have entered into an Era of Vaccine Extremism. This is not a conspiracy theory rather it’s based on recent events.

Consider the following:

  • Media Encourages Message of Hate Speech and Violence against a minority group. For instance, a recent article in the Washington Post is titled, “Anti-vaxxers are dangerous. Make them face isolation, fines, arrests. Even more egregious, a 2017 Boston Herald op-ed suggested that anti-vaxxers should be hangedAmazingly, they still haven’t taken their post down, even though it encourages hatred and violence against a minority group. Outlets like the Boston Globe continued onward with concerning rhetoric, including the more recent story headline: “Mounting a ground war against anti-vaxxers (As reported by GreenMedInfo Blog)
  • Elected officials and their staff are also contributing to the climate of extreme intolerance spouting anti-health freedom and dehumanizing messages. Maral Farsi, governor Newsom’s own staff member, recently posted this message to Twitter: 
This is not an innocent message; it is a public post made by a public servant.

What does she mean by “oxygen thieves”? According to the Urban dictionary:  “a person so useless on this planet that the mere fact of them breathing is a waste of oxygen.”

Violence of this sort only makes sense when you understand how profoundly mislead we are today. The official narrative is that vaccines are unilterally “safe and effective,” and therefore those who are not vaccinated must “spread disease” (i.e. they have no natural immunity or protection without medical intervention). Were the “science settled,” as commonly claimed, and the act of vaccinating equivalent to bona fide immunity, the increasingly violent rhetoric against those who will not abide by the CDC’s vaccination schedule would at least appear grounded in something other than brutally misinformed opinion or pseudoscience.

Larry Cook – StopMandatoryVaccination

Asking the Unanswerable Questions

Access to information regarding vaccines has become a hot topic of censorship. Information, statistics and basic risk versus benefit analysis of vaccinations are getting harder to research. 

For example, parents seeking to find out how many children died in the last measles outbreak in 2019 are redirected to the CDC website. However, after scouring page after page there is NO INDICATION how many U.S. children died in the highly contagious measles outbreak.

*It was ZERO measles deaths in the last 2 decades for those still looking for the answer.

Health officials, doctors, and mainstream media claim that 1 in 1000 children will die from measles but before the introduction of the measles vaccine, they claimed the number was 1 in 10,000. Thanks to public health measures such as sanitation and clean drinking water as well as access to healthcare and nutrition, no children have died from measles in the last 2 decades.

We are entering a time in history where we are not even allowed to ASK. They not only want to silence the discussion completely, instead of answering our questions, but they’re also going the extra mile to learn how to combat our hesitancy*. Isn’t it easier to just… answer the question? Perhaps that’s because it’s hard to convince people who are awake to the LIE – that poison is suddenly not poison just because it’s in their FDA-approved syringe.

Some of the many unanswered questions:

  • Why aren’t vaccines tested according to the gold standard with double-blind placebos?
  • Why are they the only product that is one size fits all and zero manufacturer liability?
  • If vaccines are so safe, why is there zero manufacturer liability?
  • Why is the US the only country that gives the Hep B vaccine on the first day of life?
  • Why is it that after vaccine manufacturers received a liability-free pass, has the vaccine schedule exploded to more than 70 doses of vaccines?
  • Why does the US give the chickenpox vaccine, when the UK and many other countries don’t, because it’s been proven to cause shingles?
  • Many scientists have raised the alarm on the amount of aluminum in vaccines. Why doesn’t the CDC address their concerns?
  • Why did the ACIP committee recently approve the new Hep B adjuvant despite the safety signal of a myocardial infarction?
  • Why are all four major vaccine makers (Merck, Sanofi, GSK and Pfizer), who are all convicted of fraud, given a free pass when it comes to vaccines? Merck created Vioxx and is currently being sued for the Shingles vaccine, MMR vaccine, and Gardasil, and yet their products can be mandated for school entry?
  • Why do we give 26 vaccines in the first year of life to infants with immature immune systems that cannot mount an immune response to vaccines?
  • Where are the safety studies on vaccines that were supposed to be conducted and submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure the vaccine’s safety?
  • find more questions here.

When people refuse to look critically at medical research, it only proves that vaccine extremism is a religion.

– Ashley Everly toxicologist

Liberty Stealing Legislation on the Rise

We must combat vaccine extremism in America. We cannot afford to allow this failing public health report card, which has gotten worse with every new vaccine added to the government mandated list, to go unchallenged any longer.

It is going to take a lot of muscle and money to turn this sinking ship around before we all drown. Waking people up is the first step. Getting engaged and voting at the polls to elect men and women with integrity to defend our freedoms, and un-electing those who threaten our freedom, is the second step.

Barbara Lowe Fischer

Only 18 bad vaccine bills passed out of the 137 that NVIC opposed in the 2019 legislative session.

*One of those that passed includes the Idaho Meningitis Mandate for 12th Graders!

While the bills to remove or restrict vaccine exemptions got the bulk of the sensationalized press, only 3 of the 22 bills across 17 states to eliminate vaccine exemptions passed, and two of the 18 bills attempting to restrict exemptions passed.   


#RISEUP – Involvement Can Stop This!

Individual citizen involvement in the legislative process, through personal communications and education of legislators, continues year after year to make a significant impact on the outcomes of vaccine-related bills in state legislatures.  NVIC predicts that the increased attack on exemptions and informed consent rights this year will drive even more U.S. citizens to get more involved in the legislative process at every level in the years to come.  

Join Health Freedom Idaho

So, while Health Freedom Idaho may be a small and growing organization, we are mighty in spirit. We are here every day, year after year, monitoring and reporting liberty stealing policy, statues, and rules; educating and encouraging everyone to fight in support of parental rights and natural rights and against vaccine extremism.

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