Why Facebook Is Taking Sides On Vaccination Information

Why Facebook Is Taking Sides On Vaccination Information

Wondering why a social media company like FB would state, without irrefutable justification, that antivax info constitutes “misinformation” and is dangerous to society? Why would they care to censor the debate? 

Look who is on their board that makes policy decisions. 

Turns out there are 8 members on Facebook’s board (including Zuckerberg) and there’s a committee called Finance and Governance (3 members).
The Lead Director of that committee is Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellman. One of the roles of that group is to make Facebook policy. 

So who is Dr. Desmond-Hellman

  • She is also CEO of the Gates Foundation. 
  • Was chancellor at UCSF
  • Developed pharmaceutical products at Genentech, 
  • Worked at Bristol Myers Squib and Proctor and Gamble. 

Think she has an opinion on vaccines?  Her bias opinion and authority in directing policy attempts to keep legitimate questions about vaccine safety off social media. 

Legitimate scientific inquiry into the dangers and/or validity of vaccination is by now voluminous and certainly well known to readers of independent media. Evidently, the fact that a level playing field of information — which is exactly what the Internet was promised to be — is skewing toward anti-vaccination (and other holistic healing) must be worrying to those who rely on the financial support of Big Pharma and establishment medicine.

The fact of the matter is that once someone learns the truth, there is no going back to sleep. The urge to share one’s awareness that is intended to help others who are still unaware is a powerful one. It is, after all, a reason why these “threatening” anti-vaccine messages go viral on social media.

In the meantime, the mothers know that vaccines can be dangerous and no amount of censorship will stop their heartbreak message. 

Sign Up and Join Health Freedom Idaho here at our secure censorship free platform. We don’t ‘know how much longer Facebook will allow our message to be heard! 

Research completed by:
Hesu Russell Whitten https://www.facebook.com/hesu.whitten


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