Yet ANOTHER outbreak of the contagious childhood disease MUMPS. The screenshot below shows that Twenty SEVEN of the forty-four children are FULLY VACCINATED against the mumps (meaning they have received TWO OR MORE shots of the MMR vaccine). The vaccine is again showing its ineffectiveness. This could be due to the fact that manufacturers tainted the vaccine efficiency results with rabbit blood to make it appear ‘effective’ when obviously it is not.  (there is an on going law suit by employees against the manufacturer for FRAUD)

More and more cases of mumps are coming into the Spokane regional health district. As of Monday afternoon, there were 44 cases of mumps in Spokane County, which makes this the worst mumps outbreak in decades. Children range in ages from ten to nineteen.

Julie: The schools are forcing children who are not ‘up-to-date’ on the ineffective MMR vaccine to stay home for up to a month, protecting them from the non-deadly childhood disease. However, those who have received two or more doses will continue to be exposed to other contagious students thereby continuing to spread the illness. Health officials say this number will likely go up.

According to the Regional Health district, the 44 cases of mumps include 27 people who have been vaccinated, 8 who have not been vaccinated, and 9 whose vaccination status is unknown.

Is mumps deadly? 

According to the CDC article updated July 2016 MUMPS IS NOT DEADLY in the U.S. 

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