Buffalo Paradox

Buffalo Paradox

We are a part of a herd of friends and family. Sometimes we feel there is security in numbers. But what if your herd’s destination is a cliff? What will you do to stop the stampede of your herd as it charges head-first toward self-destruction?

Idaho means freedom, family, and the right to worship. Idaho means the right to protect yourself and help your neighbor when they need a hand. Idaho also means mind your business and the opposite of marshall law.

In early 2020 our world turned upside down. Thousands of employees and staff of our local medical facilities were told if they didn’t submit to medication ‘ prescribed/mandated’ by ‘private businesses,’ then they would lose their employment. Thousands stood by their side. They still lost their jobs. We lost their expertise and their experience in our medical facilities.

This message is applicable even more today.

Choose Freedom Idaho.


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