Save Baby Cyrus, the Saga Continues…

Save Baby Cyrus, the Saga Continues…

The state of Idaho is insisting on prosecuting Baby Cyrus’ Mom, Marissa, for protecting her baby.

Marissa’s 1st hearing: Officer Steve Hansen “I told her multiple times she could go as soon as she gave me her child”

Actually what he said was, “Just give us the baby, and you can be on your merry way.”
This protective mother wrapped her arms tighter around her son and shook her head and said she couldn’t do that. She pled to stay with her son. This is a loving protective mother who was shown to cause NO HARM to her child the case dimissed in May of 2022!

The state of Idaho is prosecuting this young mom with Resisting and Obstructing charges because she would not voluntarily hand over her nursing baby to them. They had no reasonable cause, no warrant. The officer said to give the baby over, “and you can go on your merry way,” before forcefully taking the nursing infant from her arms, putting her in handcuffs, and booking her into Ada County Jail, where her father and husband had to bail her out. Because there was very evidently no reasonable cause and because of public outrage, CPS returned the baby, dismissed the case, and dropped charges, but the State is still prosecuting this young mom. The sentence could be 6 months in jail and a fine if convicted.

This video was streamed lived by the young mom Marissa as she watched her husband and sister (mistaken for her) get arrested by Merdian Police in Idaho. Thousands of individuals have heard the story. This young mom pleaded to stay with her child – a sick little boy for that; she was seeking medical care and treatments. This family is close friends with Health Freedom Idaho leadership, and it was a devastating time for us all!
After much public outcry, the local CPS office returned the baby to his family.
There is still outstanding is the charge against this young mother for resisting while they snatched her nursing baby from her arms. We need you to stand by her against this corruption.
This loving mother did what all of us would do by protecting our children!

May 4 Baby Cyrus’s Case Has Been Dismissed!

The family was cleared of accusations of harming their son. YET…the state still insists on prosecuting this innocent mother for protecting her child!

The Original Story

On March 11th, 2022, after my daughter Marissa and my Son-in-law Levi had spent over 2 months of their lives and thousands of dollars out-of-pocket going to medical specialists trying to determine the cause of their son, Baby Cyrus’s cyclical vomiting syndrome, they canceled one single weigh-in appointment with Nurse Aaron Dykstra of Functional Medicine of Idaho.

The appointment was at 10:00 am that morning, but Marissa woke up feeling under the weather and called to cancel her appointment. Nobody answered, so she left a message and went back to sleep. At 10:20 am, just 20 minutes after the originally scheduled appointmentNurse Aaron Dykstra called CPS and started a chain of events that ultimately ended in violence and abduction.

A few hours later, CPS social worker Nice Loufoua sent Marissa a text message, and about an hour after that, Meridian police showed up at my house looking for Baby Cyrus and Levi, who were not at my house.

Later that evening, after Marissa was feeling better, we left as a family to have dinner at a friend’s house who himself is a former police officer. Apparently, local law enforcement had put out a BOLO, which means “Be on the Look out” for Levi’s truck—so the entire local area law enforcement was looking for Levi, all because they canceled a single weigh-in appointment.

We later learned that Meridian Police illegally traced Levi’s cell phone by demanding that his cell phone provider turn over location data from pings to his cell phone. They found out where Levi and the rest of us were, having dinner at a friend’s house, and waited for hours until we left and then proceeded to pull Levi over at a Chevron gas station in Garden City on Chinden Blvd.

At that point, around 15 to 20 police officers showed up and began acting like tyrants and thugs, abusing my family with excessive force. Sargent Christopher McGilvery pulled Levi out of the truck without cause or reason, slammed him up against the truck, and then put him in handcuffs.

The officer in charge was Jeff Fuller. He himself made the declaration of “imminent danger” with zero evidence. He claimed to be using “what the doctors” have said, though there was not a single doctor who had made any such claim regarding Baby Cyrus. In fact, in his own police report, Jeff Fuller admits that he based his declaration of “imminent danger” on the words of Nurse Tracy Jungman, who is not a doctor, and who had never even seen Baby Cyrus. To make a life-altering diagnosis on a patient without ever having seen them is medical malpractice. Yet, that is exactly what happened here, and  Jeff Fuller was happy to do so.



CPS knew that Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger as they had already lined up a foster family to take him in that very night, demonstrating that he did not need to be with a doctor and was not about to die or in danger of “serious physical or mental injury.” The claim of “imminent danger” was, by their own admission, a complete and total lie!

Further evidence of this is the fact that the attending physician at St Luke’s Meridian reviewed Baby Cyrus and the medical records indicate she said the following:

Stacks Image 593

The sending physician handed us the pt [i.e. patient] secured in his car seat. She indicated the patient was in stable condition and requested that we leave promptly. She stated, “just go! This is a healthy baby with no interventions”…no acute life threats noted.

So CPS admitted Baby Cyrus was not in imminent danger, and the St. Luke’s physician likewise admitted that Baby Cyrus as not in imminent danger but was a “healthy baby with no interventions,” and even though imminent danger means that your life is threatened and you are about to die, the physician stated clearly that there were “no acute life threats noted.”

The proof is clear and simple—Baby Cyrus was never in “imminent danger”—it was all a lie and the authorities knew it! Yet they kidnapped him anyway.

Now, if you didn’t previously know or understand what Nancy Schaefer declared to the whole world about the Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services, then none of this would make sense. But we now know that the state of Idaho, along with an endless amount of bureaucrats, makes money off of these kidnappings. Nancy Schaefer lost her life for exposing this truth.

Force must be Necessary and Measured.

In the final analysis, All Government is Force. Force must be necessary and measured. Arrests are seizures. Taking a child under the authority of “imminent danger” is another kind of seizure based on the state’s subjective interpretation of circumstances. Separating a child from a parent is traumatic, to say the least, for both sides. Such action requires the most careful scrutiny. In considering the exercise of such force, it is best to err on the side of liberty and to apply moral agency when the government steps into the family. The same goes for domestic violence calls. Overreaction can cause more harm than the real or perceived concern at hand. Sometimes things are not as they appear at the onset of a complaint. Will the reasonable and necessary standard hold up here when measured against the state’s actions? Was baby Cyrus really in “imminent danger,” as the state’s actions assert, or was he in the best place he could ever be: in the loving, capable, competent care of his parents? The state is, in essence, guilty until proven innocent in any seizure. The burden of proof is on the state. They must walk their actions back to the information that spawned this exercise of force and is judged. Discussions that are most productive at this moment are not about the one unfolding but over similar circumstances in our state that have run their course and prove overreach of the Administrative State in Idaho, of which H&W is a part. Current events bring to light a concern I’ve long heard citizens voice regarding CPS/H&W.

Doug Traubel, Candidate for Sheriff

Here’s an open letter to the police regarding their misuse of force against this young mother and her nursing baby. Several points were made:

What logical reason do your officers have to tear the child away from his nursing mother, who clearly posed zero threat to the health and well-being of the child?

She could have stayed with her baby in the ambulance and in the hospital, but you ripped that child away from his primary source of nutrition. This is child endangerment. Please explain your justification—thousands of breastfeeding mothers would like to know.

What justification do you have for the Meridian police officer who repeatedly lied to Marissa on camera and promised her that she would never be separated from Baby Cyrus and that she would be able to ride with him in the ambulance to the hospital?

Does the Meridian Police Department and Ada County Sheriff’s department support lying to citizens in order to kidnap children?


Legislation is being proposed in the 2022 session to protect families with sick children from having CPS involvement when a family seeks medical help.

It is CRITICAL that our parental rights are protected. Our children are given to us BY GOD, and these inherent rights need to be protected from state departments that have claimed authority over the lives of families. Medical Kidnap is the wrongful removal of a minor or vulnerable adult from a parent or guardian by law enforcement and/or a social worker. Parents/Guardians should always have the final decision in the child or vulnerable adults’ medical care and treatment until those parental rights are terminated by due process in a court.

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