Dr Rosie’s Health Boosting Juice

Dr Rosie’s Health Boosting Juice

Minimize sugar so very little fruit
Organic or home grown (organic of course)
Natural Grocers is a good store to get everything or Fred Meyer has most

Your body is new every 6-12 months so what you consume will determine what quality cells, tissues and health you will have now and in the future. Diet is not the only factor in being healthy, but it’s a major one and deserves much focus, energy and financial investment. It’s always cheaper to stay healthy than to attempt to regain health once it’s lost.
Enjoy life and Maximize your health potential to the fullest
6 Kale leaves
Handful of spinach (pre-packaged works, but prefer fresh bunches)
½ Cucumber
4 celery stalks
1 Granny Smith Apple whole (only this type as all others have much higher glycemic index)
½ Lemon (lightly peel the yellow exterior, leaving as much of the white as possible)
½” of Ginger (finger thickness, increase a little if you can)
1” Turmeric Root (same)

Extras to add if you can as they aid in detoxification:
Parsley (10 sprigs)
Cilantro (same)

Be blessed.
This juice is great for a fast of 3 days, 5, 7, 30 or ??

It is also great as a daily addition to a ‘truly’ healthy diet

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