Eavesdrop On this “One Conversation” – Part 1

Eavesdrop On this “One Conversation” – Part 1

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, in combination with limited time allocated for individual patients during average office visits, unanswered questions are lingering regarding public health and immunity.  As a result, various sources are sought at an increasing rate to satisfy one’s curiosity and concern. In an age of misinformation and half-truths, “One Conversation” seeks to break down and clear the barriers of confusion with scientific data, critical thought and engaging conversation.

 “One Conversation” provides the platform for questions to be addressed among an esteemed panel of participants who specialize in a spectrum of specific focuses and expertise.  Scientific data, resources and visuals will be shared in a dynamic format among the industry’s top experts.  The event will be moderated by a respected Atlanta FM Radio Talk Show Host who will offer questions, manage time limits and maintain focused topics among the panel of participants.  Please visit “Information” and “Participants” for more details.  

First Block (approximately 40-50 minutes)

  • Introduction of Panelists 
  • Brief Panelist Speeches 
  • Follow-Up Questions offered by the Moderator 

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