Facebook Purges HFI from Platform. Find Us Here!

Facebook Purges HFI from Platform. Find Us Here!

Health Freedom Idaho is dedicated to relentlessly sharing information vital for people to have informed consent, protect personal medical information, and assist parents in asserting their parental rights. We aren’t afraid of sharing the truth, even when it goes against the narrative.

Recently Facebook has flagged posts as old as 5 years ago that accurately listed vaccine ingredients, revealed CDC statistics and medical journal reports that contradict the narrative. Facebook says people don’t ‘feel safe’ with the information shared on Health Freedom Idaho’s Page. Valentine’s day HFI disappeared after 5 years and 17,000 followers.

We are not surprised and in fact, wondered by ‘it took so long’. We are grateful that other social media platforms are standing for freedom of information.

We have the website you are reading now, as well as a backup site (coming soon) so that truth can be shared.

Want to know how you can help? Glad you asked.

  • Follow us on one of the many other platforms.
  • Share this site with family and friends.
  • Join HFI for $10 A YEAR
  • Subscribe to our email list to access to important time-sensitive information

**If you are the praying type we value prayer covering for the leadership, volunteers and our families. We know that there is more going on than basic censorship…

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