Honesty in the News: Is it the Unicorn in the Room?

Honesty in the News: Is it the Unicorn in the Room?

I long for the days when the government was held accountable by journalists striving to expose the truth and government corruption. I applaud the emergence of journalists like those at Project Veritas who seek to resurrect what some consider to be the fourth branch of government.  Unfortunately, too many of us must deal with journalists who are enemies of God-loving patriots seeking to save our country and protect our families from the encroaching slavery of authoritarianism. 

Unfortunately, I feel I must respond to an Idaho Capital Sun piece written about me and several friends because I believe the authors, Audrey Dutton and James Dawson, are being used, either knowingly or unknowingly, to lay the groundwork for what authoritarian statists would like to make happen in our great state. My own words need to be on record for the court of public opinion. The public opinion court does not govern my action, but it matters because laws and policies are created around what happens in this court. 

To start, Ms. Dutton and Mr. Dawson seem confused as to why I and others would be upset about being doxxed ourselves when they view what Health Freedom Idaho does as doxxing. Perhaps they do not understand the meaning of the word, “dox.” 

The term “dox” is defined in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as “to publicly identify or publish PRIVATE information about someone, especially as a form of PUNISHMENT or REVENGE.”  

Health Freedom Idaho does not dox. Health Freedom Idaho uses PUBLIC information about a person as a form of EDUCATION to their constituents. 

Keep in mind that elected people understand that their information will be public and they accept this fact when they choose to run for a public position. They willingly give this information when they file to run for their desired seat. If they understood their duty, they would understand that they should be reachable to their constituents. If they understood the checks and balances built into our government, they would understand that they are giving their addresses and phone numbers to be published publicly in order to be held accountable should they frustrate the people who elected them. If they don’t understand these facts then they do not understand their role. 

Ms. Dutton and Mr. Dawson show a call to action posted by me, encouraging people to call St. Luke’s to demand they release an exclusively nursing baby to his loving family and to show up at a public sidewalk gathering in peaceful public protest. 

By definition, this is not doxxing. 

People involved in the abduction of the child in question did so under false pretenses and they provided false information to the family of the child they abducted. If pressure had not been applied, the “system” would have robotically separated the child from his family for months. But because the pressure was applied, St. Luke’s decision-makers allowed the mother’s breast milk to be delivered and time was provided for the parents to hold their baby. Because the pressure was applied, putting a spotlight on the deceptive words and actions of those in the system, the baby was rightfully reunited with its family. Without the phone calls and peaceful protests of concerned citizens and the legislators who took part in those protests, employees of the system would have remained unwilling to do the right thing.

To be clear, the concerned citizens on the public sidewalk did absolutely nothing to hinder the effectiveness of the hospital.

The hospital administration escalated out of fear because they knew they were doing wrong and they needed news organizations to stir up public sentiment against those who showed up to support a family torn apart by an overreaching and totalitarian system.   

Wittingly or unwittingly, Ms. Dutton and Mr. Dawson’s article was designed to emotionally manipulate the public into becoming subservient to an authoritarian mindset. If they succeed,  people will not realize they have the right to stand up against overreach when it is perpetrated against them.


I believe that lies are being committed against the public for three reasons: 

1. People who stand up when rights are being trampled on are called a “threat to our democracy.”  This is a false statement designed to manipulate emotions.

First, America is NOT a democracy. America is a beautiful and unique Constitutional Republic. A democracy invites mob rule. People who stir up the mob by saying a threat exists to the democracy stir up the populace against the very people who are protecting the populace and their lineage from the chains of communism.  

2.  Those seeking to overturn our representative government must make patriots the untouchables.  They smear those who inform others that their freedoms can and should be defended.

They know that people who are aware of their rights are powerful, and they fear an educated and informed populace who may rise up against the totalitarians who seek to rule over our country. To maintain control, they smear those who take action, creating a fear in others that they, too, will be smeared if they associate with those who are standing up to prevent rights from being taken away. 

Such tactics are akin to the stereotypical Junior High School scenario where those in a popular group tell others they can’t hang with the “nerds” or they’ll be shamed and mocked by them just like they do to any group they deem uncool. This strategy has worked on people for a long time but as adults facing a lying media, it is much more dangerous. 

3. Righteous actions are being twisted and only one set of perspectives is provided to create reasons for even more restrictive laws, rules, and policies to be established. Left unchecked, this practice will result in tightened handcuffs for ALL citizens.

One plan, in particular, is the proposed bill making it unlawful to go to the streets outside elected officials’ homes for purposes of protest and redressing grievances.  

Allow me to remind the reader: A reason exists that our elected neighbors have their contact information public. The fact that our system has been so deaf to the cries of the people led to citizens becoming so frustrated to the point of going to elected people’s homes and neighborhoods. Rather than be a crime, this should be an indication of the state of our government, not the character of the people.  

There are some in our governmental positions whose actions and behavior have become calloused that these officials no longer believe they are accountable to the people they are supposed to serve, let alone serving the spirit and the principles of the Republic. 

Here’s a question to consider: Where are the news stories of the people who are so frustrated with the tone-deaf system that they take time out of their busy lives to try to talk to their elected representatives or attempt to educate their neighbors about what is really going on?  

It is a dangerous precedent removing the ability of Americans to redress their grievances in peaceful ways when those in positions to hear those grievances refuse to listen. 

I must ask the readers, what happens when it’s your business, your child, or your gun?  Will you retreat quietly when they pat you on the head and tell you to sit down or go home? 

If Chaney’s and Green’s proposed bill becomes law that’s exactly what people will have to do, all while they remain tone-deaf to the real grievance they were elected to hear.
See H195 sponsored by Reps. Greg Chaney, R-Caldwell, and Brooke Green, D-Boise

If and when that happens, the people of Idaho will have themselves to blame because they will have bought the lie that those who were trying to protect the liberties of Idahoans were a threat. They will believe that those who were stealing those freedoms were themselves the victims.  If such legislation is passed, politicians will be able to reign unchecked (without the tool of political pressure which has been afforded to Americans within the framework of our country since it was founded). 

I have learned an important lesson in my work to preserve health freedom, and it’s that the First Amendment is the one part of our Constitution that totalitarians fear the most.

Some who have acquired seats of power view my words as a weapon, and we are not far from the point that people who speak freedom will be called domestic terrorists or extremists.  My desire is to shine a light on the travesties perpetrated upon the people by a corrupt government.

Our beloved Idaho has become infiltrated by statists posing as Republicans. The list seems to grow every year, but identifying who they are is not the purpose of this response. 

It is my desire that Audrey Dutton and James Dawson find the passion that possibly inspired them to become journalists and use that same passion to dig into the plethora of information awaiting them regarding our elected representatives. That action would be more beneficial to the future of Idaho than smearing and attempting to criminalize the people giving countless hours and immeasurable energy in order to protect the future of Dutton, Dawson, and their individual children and grandchildren.  

I refuse to be a pawn in the battle to destroy our freedoms. I pray the eyes of journalists across America will be opened, that they will seek the truth, and they will report on the government corruption that is leading us to globalism.  Just like every reader of this response, journalists like Dutton and Dawson were created for such a time as this. And just like everyone else, they will have to answer the question of which side of history they will be on. 

We all have unique gifts and influences. I encourage everyone to put on the armor of righteousness, take a stand and realize what our purpose is for this moment in history. Idahoans should not be stymied by false accusations and misused terms that become used as weapons against us. You were created for a time such as this. 

Let’s answer the call together and defend liberty with the veracity it deserves.  

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