Its an election year and time to look at the voting records of those individuals who hold office to determine if their voting fall in line with health freedom or not.

Here’s a summary of the Legislator’s votes on the bills we followed in the 2020 Legislative session.

You will notice that some of the bills we were tracking that pertained to health and parental rights were left UNHEARD.

What does that mean? In Idaho, the chairman gets to pick and choose what bills can be brought before the committee for a vote. So ONE individual makes the choice on whether bills written by a lobbyist or by the people get to be voted upon by the officials elected to represent the citizens.

How they voted in 2020:

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All Idaho state bills introduced this session can be viewed HERE
The Health Freedom Idaho team of volunteers focused on those bills that would affect health freedom, health choice, parental rights, government intrusion and tracking.

Training for CPS Workers regarding Constitutional Rights of Parents under Investigation
H 402

This bill would require government CPS workers to receive training that would make them aware of the constitutional rights of families, children, and others while under CPS investigation. Families under investigation have the constitutional right to refuse entry, refuse interviews and refuse to allow their children to have full-body examinations and have a lawyer present at any/all interactions with the department.
*Keep in mind that 83% of families that are investigated by CPS are innocent as cases are closed as unsubstantiated. Many of those families have their constitutional rights violated by this government agency.

This bill was introduced by Representative Heather Scott.

UNHEARD Protecting Parental Rights H 403

H 403 a line of text added to 16- 1601 cross-referencing the Child Protective Act with the Parental Rights statute.

This bill was submitted by Representative Heather Scott. Feb 9, 2020 status update referred to Judiciary, Rules & Administration but was not scheduled to be heard.

Unheard Anti-Discrimination of Unvaccinated H 443

This bill would prohibit an employer, including a licensed health facility, that work with the State of Idaho from taking adverse action against an employee or an applicant based on their immunization status.

H 443 is fundamentally a Civil Rights Bill protecting employees’ rights to conscience. H 443 is a bipartisan bill that deserves the support of all legislators and Idahoans, regardless of party or religious affiliation.
This bill was brought by Representative Giddings. <LEARN MORE>

This change removes the penalties thus decriminalize parents who birth their children at home and choose not to supply the state with newborn screening data.

PASSED Decriminalize Parents who opt-out of newborn testing H 438

Eliminates sections of code make it a misdemeanor offense if newborn screening data is not provided to the state. This change removes the penalties thus decriminalize parents who birth their children at home and choose not to supply the state with newborn screening data.

This bill was brought by Representative Giddings.


S1253 that basically differentiates between medicinal marijuana products and hemp-derived cannabinoid products. Clarifying the legality of CBD with less than .3% THC. (not mind-altering ). It appears this bill will allow for the farming of (non-mind altering) Hemp products in Idaho.

This bill was brought by Senator Mary Souza.
Status as of Feb 9, 2020: It was referred to the State Affairs Committee but is not on the schedule yet to be heard.

S 1241 changes the Idaho Controlled Substances Act to exclude Hemp.

This bill was brought by Representative Dorthy Moon and Senator Mary Souza

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