Idaho City School Board Mocks Mask Exemption

Idaho City School Board Mocks Mask Exemption

We live in a small mountain community near Idaho City, Idaho.  Last year our daughter was beginning her high school career at the Idaho city high school. There was a mask mandate in place at the school (not the town). We shared that we have a religious exemption and that our daughter could not wear a mask. The school board and staff mocked our religious exemption and told us there is no such thing as a “religious exemption”. One of the board members that mocked the exemption claims to be a Christian pastor.

It is against our religion to wear a mask. As Christians, we view the mask mandate a little bit differently than most.

We see it as taking part in a satanic ritual, a humiliation ritual. Our God says that we are to abstain from engaging in rituals.

Eph 5:11 ..Take no part in unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

We were made in God’s image and likeness. To wear a mask on our face goes against God and our religious beliefs. It is not trusting in God and is an abomination to God.  It is also hypocritical.  Christians are covered by the blood of Jesus. A sign of a believer is to lay hands on the sick..not hide behind a mask. We are a temple of God!

It is our job to teach our kids to walk in truth and in light, not to conform to this world. We believe the mask is a prelude to the end times mark of the beast. We are warned of this throughout the Bible. As Christians, we will not take the mark and we believe the mask is part of that.

Our daughter is a blood-bought child of the most high God. Jesus Christ. When Our daughter was born God breathed the breath of life into her and we will not hinder that breath.  Throughout the Bible, we are warned not to follow the doctrines and commandments of men. The Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth is who we follow.

Parent cited religious exemption

We were told in an email from the superintendent that a medical exemption from a licensed healthcare provider would be allowed. We submitted a note from her doctor explaining the need for a medical exemption. We got that exemption and they refused it. The school superintendent Brian Hunicke actually called her doctor without our permission. We then found another doctor. That doctor wrote an exemption…this time on a prescription pad titled “medical exemption”. They denied it. They said for them to allow her in without a mask they would need access to her medical records, her doctors and that their special Ed team would need to evaluate her to determine if there was a true need.

Our daughter is not special needs. They wanted to place her on a 504. Since then many other parents have stood up, furious with this school board. We have discovered several strange things with their board elections (or lack thereof) and school board minutes.

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