Idaho Health Dept recommends untested vaccine for pregnant women claiming its SAFE

Idaho Health Dept recommends untested vaccine for pregnant women claiming its SAFE

Are Vaccines SAFE in Pregnancy? Contrary to the Idaho Health and Welfare’s assurance and the CDC ‘recommendation’ vaccines HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED safe in pregnancy. The vaccine inserts, created by the vaccine manufacturers state the fact clearly “there are no adequate well controlled studies in pregnant women.” In fact, vaccine manufacturers request that doctors register pregnant patients in their database so they can track the outcome and chart vaccine reactions. Pregnant moms and their unborn babies are the TEST SUBJECTS. The CDC is well aware vaccines pose a risk, there has been proven as much as 4250% increase in the death of the unborn baby after mother was vaccinated. Why does the CDC continue to push vaccine recommendations claiming safety for mother and child? The vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable for injury or death if the CDC recommends the vaccine. They can continue to push the shots on moms, claiming safety, while actually conducting the experiment with liability free guaranteed payments.

HOW can the CDC claim that “There is a lot of evidence that flu vaccines can be given safely during pregnancy, though these data are limited to the first trimester..” and yet each and every flu shot and TDaP vaccine insert says specifically there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Some inserts go as far to say, “available data for vaccine administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine associated risks in pregnancy.

Download the Vaccine Inserts and read for yourself look at sections 8

TDaP Vaccine. FLU SHOT.
– Fetal deaths caused by vaccinations – the horrendous reality of vaccine-induced so-called “fetal demise” – by Marcella Piper-Terry

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Chelsea Nichole Smith I received the TDaP, against my instincts, March 17, 2015. My daughter was stillborn April 11, 2015 at 35 6/7 weeks. It is likely she was dead a few days before I found out on April 10, 2015. There was no known cause of death, and no flags or warning signs. We were a low risk pregnancy, with no abnormal prenatal clinical or lab findings. If you need my information for anything, you let me know.
Lisa Duvendack Not only do I have a vaccine injured child I have also lost a baby girl when I was 7.5 months pregnant after receiving the flu shot. My trust in doctors is GONE!

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