Investigation of the CDC…

Investigation of the CDC…
What is going on with CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson?

by Jeffery Jaxen

It has been almost three years since the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) senior scientist Dr. William Thompson came forward publicly as a whistleblower. At that time, Dr. Thompson released a statement through his attorney that he and his colleagues at the CDC had committed research fraud by destroying data showing a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and the development of autism in young children. During this time the mainstream corporate media was silent.

In July 2015 – after sustained pressure from parents – Congressman Bill Posey appeared in front of the US House of Representatives. Posey delivered damning evidence to support his plea to open a thorough investigation and immedialty begin hearings on the CDC and Dr. Thompson. The congressman read bombshell excerpts from Dr. Thompson’s papers and whistleblowing statements on the house floor making them part of the official record. The Florida congressman ended his time with this statement:

Considering the nature of the whistle blower documents, as well as the involvement of the CDC, a hearing and a thorough investigation is warranted. So I ask, Mr. Speaker…I beg, I implore my colleges on the appropriations committees to please please take such action.

Again, the mainstream corporate media was silent.

It was one year ago to the month that the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe premiered in theaters. The film chronicled the story of Dr. Thompson and the fraud at the CDC’s vaccine division with actual audio of Dr. Thompson confessing and excerpts from his internal documents showing research fraud. This time, the mainstream, corporate media was not silent. Without having viewed the film, the media hit-piece factory went to work churning out articles and reports calling Vaxxed a failure, anti-science, dangerous and other astroturf-like wordplay. However, the corporate media was late off the starting block…they underestimated the film’s momentum…put simply, they were caught sleeping. The autism community, the health freedom movement, and an activated medical community had already supercharged the film and its message halfway around the world while the media spin machine was still struggling to get its pants on.

Cut to present day Washington D.C. when the Revolution for Truth protest and rally came to town led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree, Nation of Islam’s Minister Tony Muhammad, Organic Consumers Association Alexis Baden-Meyer and many others. Representatives and legislators didn’t know what hit them as they encountered wave after wave of parents, speakers, and leaders within various organizations demanding justice for their children, an independent vaccine safety commission, and a halt or rollback of mandatory vaccination laws currently in the works for many states. It was during his speech in D.C. that Del Bigtree made this breaking announcement to a standing ovation crowd:

Just about a year ago I came to Washington, D.C. for the first time and went into politician’s offices, including Jason Chaffetz among others, and would ask the question, “Are you aware of Dr. William Thompson the CDC whistleblower?”…just a blank stare…”I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Really? Really? You do realize a year and a half ago one of our top scientists of our most important health agency in our nation came forward and said they are committing scientific fraud. You’re not aware of that? “Never heard of it?” Yesterday I was in D.C. – my third trip now – and every office I went to, including those who are diametrically opposed to our truth, I asked the question, “Are you aware of Dr. William Thompson the CDC Whistleblower?” And every single one of them said, “Yes I am.” In fact, they made a great statement which was usually “I know someone on the OGR committee, which is the Oversight Committee of Government Reform, and they have briefed me on this situation. Which means the Oversight Committee of Government Reform is officially investigating Dr. William Thompson.

…and the mainstream, corporate media was silent…and no longer relevant. The people have taken back their fourth estate and have become the media. The corporate media can have their ‘fake news’, we’ll take the truth. 


Health Freedom Idaho was established within a year of the exposure of CDC fraud. The goal of the organziation to protect the liberty of the people of Idaho frmo the exploitation of the people of Idaho by chemical and pharmaceutical industries that compromise our health from profit. We believe that the INDIVIDUAL NOT THE GOVERNMENT should decide what is best for us and our family.

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