Italy to make all childhood vaccinations mandatory

Italy to make all childhood vaccinations mandatory

HFI: Listen to the passion of these Italian parents shouting for their rights.
One wise mother said, “Our government does not own our children! We can not let them think that they do!”
What will you do when these mandates come knocking on your door? This is a world problem


July 28, 2017

Rome, Italy Vaccine Mandates Passed. Italy’s parliament has given final approval to a new program making a slate of childhood vaccinations mandatory for school children up to age 16. The decree has passed the 2nd house. Now it moves to Mattrella for signing into law.



The initial proposal included fines up to 7500 euro and removal of the child from the home.  

0-5 years: no daycare and preschool,
100-500€ fine to pay (but we don’t know if it’s 1 time or 1 per vaccine)

5-16 years: they can go to school but we have to pay always the fine
Mandatory vaccines were 4
Now they have 10.

Details directly from Italy WeAreVaxxed Team:

How did this Happen?? 

MONEY…This article is from 4-16. GlaxoSmithKline infected Italy with their dirty money and now politicians seem to be willing to sell the health of it’s citizens. This is a global problem.

GlaxoSmithKline, the British pharma giant, is doubling down and betting €1 billion on Italy over the next four years. It’s a substantial investment, one that may not getting its due acknowledgment in terms of GSK’s global growth plans. The firm anticipate an increase of activity and business in Italy starting with vaccination centers in Siena and Rosia, the R&D hub of the sector after GSK’s massive asset swap with Novartis was finalized last year.

Investing a billion to force vaccines on the children of Italy. 



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