Lack of Disclosure by Schools is Coercion

Lack of Disclosure by Schools is Coercion

ALL THREE VACCINE EXEMPTIONS EXIST IN IDAHO! If you received enrollment paperwork for your child stating that vaccines are required – without disclosing there is exemptions – you are being lied to!

We expect our schools to teach our children knowledge of reading and writing. We expect the campus to be free from bullying. We expect the schools to enforce the community standards of respect and telling the truth. And yet, when parents enroll their children into school these standards are ignored by administration and staff.

Parents are lied to by omission which is lying. They are bullied and harassed. The full disclosure of the law is ignored.

Citizens brought forth a bill that would require the health department and school administration to provide full disclosure of the law. This bill passed the House with a vote of 52 to 17. Yes, 17 representatives believed that coercion at the hands of the health department and schools is acceptable. )

VOTE AGAINST NOTIFYING PARENTS– Berch, Chew, Davis, Erpelding, Gannon, Green(18), Kauffman, Kerby, Mason, McCrostie, Raybould, Rubel, Smith, Toone, Wagoner, Wintrow, Wood

However, due to the structure of our legislature ONE MAN stopped this bill from being heard in the Senate. The power of the Chairman of the Health Committee used his personal opinion in favor of vaccines to keep this informed consent bill from being put to a vote. Senator Fred Martin believes the outright lies of the marketing campaigns via the health department and the school’s administrative policies is appropriate. 

One mom writes: 

I was registering my son for kindergarten today (his only partial year of public school before he will be homeschooled). I noticed this passage and the way it was worded when I was filling out his registration paperwork. I came with his vaccine exemption form in hand already filled out, which they accepted. I was really bothered by the fact that we have the right to waive vaccines, and yet they write to parents that by law they have to have their vaccinations. This is wrong. They should say something like, “It is Idaho State Law that you must have complete immunization records or an Idaho School Immunization Exemption Form to register your child for school.”

I listened to moms coming in worried that they didn’t have vaccination records and the school never gave them the option to waive. 

If it is our right to waive, why is this not disclosed as part of proper informed consent?

 – Concerned Mom

Dear Senators and Representatives – If it is our right to waive, why is this not disclosed as part of proper informed consent?

A hearing last year to require school to give complete information on the law that includes vaccine exemptions for medical, religious and other reasons Senators advised that parents should try to inform one another. The vote against a measure of informed consent allows the school’s are allowed to deceive, lie, and bully parents by failing to inform parents of their full rights under Idaho statue. 

The CITIZENS want schools to tell the truth, full disclosure. NO MORE BULLYING! This is outright coercing parents with inadequate information on the actual state statute. It should NOT be the responsibility of the citizen to inform one another of the schools deceiptful tatics. It should be the responsibility of the tax supported schools and state Health departments to be accountable to the LAW. 

Why? Because school officials have said, their goal is increased vaccination rates. Our schools rank at the bottom of education for the United States. Our school system is failing our children. The focus of the school should be to improve knowledge, reading and math and sciences. They should NOT be involved in the medical affairs of families. These decisions should be left between doctor and parent and not be coerced by school officials. 

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