Mask Lawsuit Against Idaho School

Mask Lawsuit Against Idaho School

The forced masking of Idaho students violates ID Law. Find out how to support the fight against a school boards’ illegal power grab.

Basin School District No 72 in Boise County, Idaho is enforcing a mask mandate in violation of state law. If students don’t wear a mask, they cannot attend school in person or ride the bus.

The Governor, State Department of Health and Welfare, local health district, county and city have all refused to require face coverings.

Idaho City High School parents and students have filed suit in Boise County, Idaho alleging that this violates parental rights, religious liberties, informed consent and Idaho law and causes grave harm to Idaho students.

Where does the school district get the authority to make law and force health decisions upon students against the wishes of the parents?

Attorney who overturned Little’s stage 1 church order pursues Basin school dist.  THIS is the lawsuit Idaho needs. 

Watch the interview it here:

Please contribute and support the efforts to stop the abuse of Idaho children by elected officials at and remember to pray for us. We need and desire wisdom and discretion.

Unmask Idaho Kids

Please help support these courageous parents and students fight back against dictatorial and Marxist school board trustees and superintendents by donating here through AllFundIt or mailing a check or money order to Boyles Law at 217 Cedar Street, Suite 312, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
PO Box 1242, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864.

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