Police report reveals reasons police took Idaho newborn

Police report reveals reasons police took Idaho newborn

We have an incredible piece of information regarding the case of the removal of baby Elijah from the care of his parents in North Idaho. The mother gave birth on November 20, 2017 via c-section in a hospital in Kootenai County (Kootenai Health). The police took the newborn on the 22nd after dad refused vaccinations while mother and child were still in the hospital awaiting release. One of the accusations listed in the police report  is that “the staff feared the parents would not complete follow-up medical care.” The police report states erroneously that Ari, the newborn’s father, is against medical intervention. This is just one of the accusations they used the child from his family claiming the parents as unsafe and unfit.

“Ari is against medical intervention such as vaccinations. It is feared that Ari would not take Elijah to get medical attention or do any sort of follow-up after his birth.”

Police Report for the removal of newborn

If this family was against medical intervention, they  would not have birthed their child in a medical facility. If this family was against medical care, would the mother be receiving ongoing treatment for her cerebral palsy? Clearly, this family does believe in receiving medical care, they are opposed to the hep b vaccination used against an STD for their newborn son.

And if they WERE against medical intervention…Where in Idaho statute  does it grant the police authority to remove a healthy newborn due to the possibility that family might not participate in ‘wellness visits’ at a local pediatrician?  ***Furthermore, it is a God given right of parents to determine the modality that they use to pursue wellness for their children. This line must never be crossed.***

Diamond’s disability was clearly another excuse police and CPS used to remove the newborn from his parents. The hospital staff identified some specialized needs of this family, and instead of assisting the young couple, they called the police to take their child. 

The police report states:
“There are times when Elijah was being suffocated when being breastfed. There were no actions taken to prevent him from suffocating.”

The couple wants their infant breastfed and needs support in understanding of proper latching and positioning of the infant, as is the case with many first time parents. Diamond’s physical limitations require Ari to assist with nursing positions. The police report states “No actions were taken to prevent the newborn from suffocating.” If the baby was in fact suffocating and no actions were taken to prevent it, as the officer alleges, then one would have concluded the baby suffocated, however Elijah is, in fact, alive and well. It is commonly understood that to suffocate means to:  die or cause to die from lack of air or inability to breathe.

The fact that the child wasn’t nursing correctly that doesn’t warrant his removal from his parents. There are many ways to resolve breastfeeding issues, specialized training with clear direction from hospital staff on how to position the child safely on his mother’s breast could have easily corrected the issue.

In an effort to discredit Ari as a loving and capable father, the police report identifies some outrageous reasons to claim he is unfit to parent his child:

  • (Father) left the infant with mom while they were both in the care of hospital staff.  Are we not to trust hospital staff for the care of our loved ones? Many fathers have been known to leave the hospital trusting in the medical care provided by staff for their families.
  • Father and infant slept together with infant resting safely on his father’s chest. 

A baby needs to be held for physical, emotional and mental well-being yet authorities are using the father’s moments of restful bonding with his newborn son as an excuse that he is an unfit father?

  • The infant cried and wasn’t attended to immediately. Sleep – deprived parents have been known to not awaken to a cry immediately. The young family, still in the hospital was adjusting to their newborn. Taking advantage of the security of a safety net of nurses scurrying to and fro, this father didn’t awaken instantaneously. Can you imagine if someone was monitoring your sleep patterns to determine how long your baby cried before you were alert enough to meet his needs? If that was a determining factor in your right to parent a child, would CPS be coming to take your child away?

    This family wasn’t even given the opportunity to develop their new family rhythm. They have the support of a close knit church, with experienced parents willing and able to be available to support in any way necessary.

This mother’s disability and father’s protective action against vaccinations gave the state an excuse to remove the newborn.  Now, the family suffers from the constant threat that CPS will come in, under the guise of ‘safety investigations’ and snatch their precious baby again.

This family needs our continued support.

Police Report for the removal of newborn


The case against baby Elijah’s parents has been dropped. It NEVER should have happened to begin with. Please take the time to read the police report. In addition to lies about the parents, they admit in the report that CPS took the baby because of the parents’ choice to opt their baby out of the Hep B vax. There was no neglect, no drug use, no reason at all to believe the baby was in danger.

We WILL NOT allow the kidnapping of children in Idaho. It was because of the public pressure and outrage that this baby is safely back home with his loving parents. Thank you to everyone who called and emailed and took the time to stand against this injustice.

We must be vigilant to hold those in authority accountable for their actions, for the sake of our own liberty and freedom.

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