URGENT STOP H122 Preserve Access to CBD and Hemp Products

URGENT STOP H122 Preserve Access to CBD and  Hemp Products

When HB122 was heard and passed by the house, then it was amended (gutted) in the Senate committee. Voted upon April 1st as amended. The amended bill is a STEP BACKWARDS in liberty. THIS BILL MUST BE STOPPED!

Rep. Dorothy Moon, R-Stanley, says she and 25 other co-sponsors of HB 122, the hemp legalization bill, are withdrawing their co-sponsorship out of concern over the Senate amendments, and Moon says she’ll vote against concurring with them — even if it means the hemp bill dies for this year.”

It’s disappointing to see the Senate gut and change a good bill at the 11th hour. However, it is encouraging to see principled legislators take action and remove their names from the newly amended bill.

Under the amended bill the transportation of HEMP products and CBD would by definition would not be allowed to be transported except by permit throughout Idaho. Permits don’t have to be issued for a year. That means our hemp products would not be accessible for some time, if this passed. 

Law enforcement was against industrial hemp.  At the Senate hearing, some of the law enforcement testimony was deceitful and clearly inaccurate, especially regarding available testing and their negotiations with our legislators. The police felt their dogs wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two types of cannabis plants. Joel, with Global CBD explains that Officers can easily download an app on their phones that can test THC content and they don’t have to rely on the dogs to make a determination. <see video below>

According to an email response from Senator Burgoyne

HB 122 bill has had great difficulty this session.  It was introduced on February 11, but held for over a month in House Agriculture Affairs.  Finally, on February 15 it was reported out of the committee to the full House for a vote.  It passed the House on March 18.  In the Senate it became clear that the bill could not become law without amendments.  Law enforcement was adamantly against the bill as written, and the Governor was likely to veto it.  The amendments negotiated save the bill from a veto and create a prospect for legalization of hemp, including hemp based CBD Oil, next January.  – Senator Burgoyne Co-Sponsor H122

Miste Karlfeldt talked with Representative John Green about the Department of Agriculture putting together a plan for the USDA. This step of the process DOES NOT REQUIRE the legislature. However the Senators appear to believe it was so. 

Only in theory would the original bill have legalized hemp and hemp based CBD Oil before it would be legal with the amendments. First, Idaho has to have a hemp plan, approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  USDA will not be able to accept and consider Idaho’s plan until at least November 1, 2019, and it might be later than that. – Senator Burgoyne CoSponser H122

47 other states have a hemp industry operating or under development. This billion dollar opportunity for Idaho has been forced out in the cold by the disingenuous actions. It is a shame! Hemp is a positive opportunity for farmers, producers, manufacturers, researchers, construction, healthcare and many other productive benefits for Idaho! Now laid wasted in the amended bill. – Hari Heath


We want a bill that allows for Idaho to compete in the newly opened industrial hemp market. This isn’t it.
We want a bill that expands freedom – not one that strips away freedom and regulates the industry to death before it has a chance to flourish. This isn’t it.
We want a bill that protects access to CBD oil. This isn’t it.

Do you use Hemp based products? Tell them! Do you use CBD products? Tell them! Would you farm a new product with 1000’s of uses? Tell them!
Tell them NO on the amended H122!!

The bill will be heard in the Agriculture Committee ASAP (Link to quick copy and paste list)
The House Agriculture Committee:
Chair: Judy Boyle [email protected]e.idaho.gov
Vice Chair: Caroline Nilsson Troy [email protected]
Thomas Dayley [email protected]
Ryan Kerby [email protected]
Thyra Stevenson [email protected]
Christy Zito [email protected]
Kevin Andrus [email protected]
Priscilla Giddings [email protected]
Bill Goesling [email protected]
Gary Marshall [email protected]
Tammy Nichols [email protected]

If it passes committee it will make another vote FULL HOUSE:

Email all of the Representatives know you DO NOT WANT THIS VERSION of the Hemp Bill. 

We want the benefits of Industrial Hemp and CBD in our state! This does the OPPOSITE!

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