Detox and Nutrition: The color code of foods

Detox and Nutrition: The color code of foods

By addressing nutrition, exercise, thought patterns, and many other factors at the same time, you can break through toxic barriers and create a vibrant, healthy life, an energized, full-spectrum life! Dr. Minich has written extensively on food, healing, and wellness in her books Quantum Supplements, Whole Detox, Quantum Healing, Chakra Foods for Optimum Health and in her latest book The Rainbow Diet.

Color influences us.It can change our feelings. It may alter our behavior.

On a recent episode of HealthMade Radio local Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviewed Deanna Minich about How Colorful Food Creates a Vibrant, Healthy Energized Life. 

Her fascinating insight in to the spectrum of phytonutrients in foods was shared recently with her newsletter subscribers:

Red—Immune system and survival: Red-colored foods tend to be high in vitamin C, which supports adrenal health and immunity. Red-colored foods, such as tomatoes, lycopene, and red beets, have also been shown to be anti-inflammatory.

Orange—Reproductive health and fertility: Eating orange-colored foods abundant in carotenoids like beta-carotene may help lower the risk of reproductive issues like endometriosis. Carotenoids are also found within the ovaries and the sperm to support fertility.

Yellow—Digestion: Eating too many of the “wrong” yellow foods, like breads, baked goods, and processed cereals like corn, can put out our digestive fire and give us metabolic syndrome and even diabetes. On the other hand, eating the acidic, warming yellow foods, like lemons, ginger, and grapefruit, can help us burn brightly and rev our metabolisms.

Green—Cardiovascular health: Green foods like leafy greens are rich in nutrients such as folate, vitamin K, and naturally-occurring nitrates that make them healing and expansive for the heart and blood vessels.

Blue-Green—Thyroid health: Blue-green foods like algae, sea plants, and even spirulina contain minerals such as iodine and selenium, which nourish and support the function of the thyroid gland.

Blue-Purple—Cognition and mood: Blue-purple foods like berries and grapes have been shown to help with better brain function like learning and memory, as well as improving mood and calmness.

White—Cleansing: White foods, like white flour, white sugar, and white salt, can be toxic in high amounts. When we detox our bodies from these white foods, we may feel clearer in mind and purer in body. There are also specific white-colored foods, like garlic, coconut, sauerkraut, and cauliflower, that can help with cleansing through their antimicrobial or detoxifying effects. Fasting is also a “clearing of the inner slate” — the white of nothingness.

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