Sweet Mason. Three weeks before he died.

Sweet Mason. Three weeks before he died.
A heartbreaking letter posted on Vaxxed.com from a mom experiencing a truly tragic loss. 
Dear Moms,
Six years ago I was taking this picture of my sweet Mason.
This was three weeks before he died.
Look at his chubby red cheeks. Look at the light in his eyes. Look at the smile on his face. He was healthy. He was normal.
Healthy, normal babies do not randomly die in their sleep for no reason. “SIDS” is not a diagnosis. It’s what medical examiners and coroners say when the autopsy comes back normal and there are no signs of suffocation, asphyxiation or any other cause of death.
“SIDS” is the term used by medical professionals to cover up VIDS OR Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome.
PLEASE – Educate before you vaccinate. Here’s a great place to start you research: 
I miss this little guy so much 
Kari Bundy

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