The Health Freedom Movement Is About Human Rights

The Health Freedom Movement Is About Human Rights

The Health Freedom Movement has MILLIONS protesting in non-stop demonstrations all across Italy! For over a month Italians have been protesting in every city against a brutal proposed law that if approved will make 53 doses of vaccines mandatory. They’re not only fighting for their own children, they’re fighting to MAKE SURE these heinous laws do not pass in other countries. UNITY is an unstoppable force!
Here In the U.S. and in our home state of Idaho we must stand togetherhold our ground against a tide of laws and mandates that intend on stripping us of basic human rights. 

Do you see what is happening in Italy, my freedom loving friends? Millions of people are taking to the streets to rally for their human rights.   I am hearing from people with family members in Italy that they are rallying every single day.  They are shouting that they will not give into these mandates.   They are shouting to their government that it is their human right to make decisions for their own children’s health and well-being.    

Sadly an update from Italy. November 22, 2017 Italy lost the appeal.

Italy lost! The terrible news arrives as the Constitutional Court rejects the appeal against the new 10 mandatory vaccines (56 mandatory doses by age 16). The Constitutional Court just rejected the appeal of the Italian region of Veneto and of the consumers associations. The 10 vaccines law stays in effect. If parents refuse to vaccinate their child loses educational rights or the family must pay a € 500 per vaccine per year to send the child to school.

Italy: Vaccines, the Constitutional Court pronounces: LEGAL DECREE

Press Office of the Constitutional Court
Communication of 22 November 2017
Obligation of legitimate vaccines in the current context

At the hearing yesterday, in front of the Constitutional Court, were discussed the numerous issues of constitutional legitimacy promoted by the Veneto Region on Decree Law no. 73 of 2017, converted into law no. 119 of 2017 on compulsory vaccinations for children up to 16 years of age. The questions submitted to the Constitutional Court did not call into question the effectiveness of vaccinations – attested by the institutions appointed to it (World Health Organization, the Higher Health Institute) and a long series of national vaccination plans – but their mandate, suspended by Veneto Region with a 2007 law that had introduced a system of infectious disease prevention based only on persuasion.

The Court stated that all the questions raised were unfounded. According to the Constitutional Court, the measures in question are a choice of the national legislature. This choice is not unreasonable as it aims to protect individual and collective health and is based on the duty of solidarity in preventing and limiting the spread of certain diseases. The Court considered, inter alia, that all compulsory vaccinations had already been envisaged and recommended in national vaccination plans and funded by the State under the Essential Health Levels (Lea). In addition, the transition from a strategy based on persuasion to a compulsory system is justified in the light of the current context characterized by a gradual drop in vaccine coverage.

Finally, failure to vaccinate does not exclude children from compulsory schooling, which will normally be included in classes where other pupils are vaccinated.

Rome, November 22, 2017 Palazzo della Consulta, Piazza del Quirinale 41 Rome – Tel. 46981-4224 / 4511


There are many areas that we need to hold the line. Our food, our water, our air, our body freedom applies to all these. We must amplify our voice, hold law makers accountable. We can not do that without your help. Your small membership fee is a small way to help us focus on these big issues. 

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