Use Fennel For That Less-Stuffed-Post-Feast-Feeling

Use Fennel For That Less-Stuffed-Post-Feast-Feeling
Did you know that fennel is a multi-tasker? It’s an herb, a vegetable and a spice. It’s been long regarded as a digestive aid, with the Greeks, Chinese, Indians and Egyptians all heralding its benefits in soothing gastrointestinal issues. 
Maybe you love the “licorice” flavor, or perhaps you have an aversion, but either way, it’s wise to know about this wonderful plant’s ability to help digest and soothe minor to even serious intestinal issues.
Chewing the seeds is a common practice in India. You might just test it out and chew a few seeds after your Thanksgiving meal, or any meal for that matter. 
Fennel’s essential oils make it a powerful antioxidant and digestive aid. Fennel seeds can help soothe stomach cramps, reduce gas and bloating, stimulate the flow of bile, relax the colon and even help heal colitis, Chron’s and IBS. Babies with colic can even be soothed with diluted fennel tea. 
Fennel is also a mild diuretic, assisting with flushing excess water and toxins out of the body. That’s especially helpful after all the salt and carbs of a typical Thanksgiving feast. 
Easy ways to use fennel:
  • Chew a dozen or so seeds after a meal
  • Crush the seeds and use in herb mixtures, dressings and rubs
  • Eat raw fennel in salads, as a snack, or roast fennel with EVOO and other vegetables for a delicious side
  • Purchase or make fennel tea as a post-meal digestive aid

So, enjoy your feasting and grab some fennel to help it all digest just a little easier! 

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