Vaccine Culture War in America. Are You Ready?

Vaccine Culture War in America. Are You Ready?

How did a handful of measles cases at Disneyland turn into a full-scale assault on civil and human rights in America?

There was NO transmission in schools or day cares.
And yet, the California legislator pushed into law TWO bills that will permanently affect schools and day cares. 
The daycare and school children will be forced vaccinated and their preschool teachers and daycare providers will as well. 

Thousands of families voiced opposition to a vaccine mandate that keeps children out of schools and demands that preschool teachers and daycare owners be vaccinated on a state mandated schedule. Legislators ignored them. Pockets lined with pharma contributions and being directed by lobbiest, California’s legislature closed its doors to health freedom.

Could something like this happen in Idaho? 

Unfortunately, no state is exempt from the temptation of big pharma’s money. Recently one of American’s strongest vaccine promoters Paul Offit came to educate the Health and Welfare department. He also joined a campaign to generate legislation that would remove a parents authority over the health and well being of their child. Eyes are on Idaho to begin to chip away our freedoms and push us away from the freedom to choice the healthcare options best suited for our individual children. 

You have seen it in the news just this week. “Doctors are Afraid” What are they afraid of? 

Well according to articles by KVIP and KTVB those doctors are afraid of the 271 six-year-olds in the state that aren’t up-to-date on their two shots of measles vaccines before kindergarten. The fear-mongering is very strong. The propaganda piece ‘study’ written by vaccine patent holder manipulated numbers to try generate ‘fear’ of vaccine exemptions throughout the state. 

Here’s some of those figures: 

Looking for detailed information about the ‘study’? J.B. Handley has put together a great article : Deconstructing the “Hot Spots” hoax from Pharma shill 

It is as Barbara Lowe Fischer says, a vaccine culture war. And they are using FEAR to take away our freedom.
Look at these facts about California’s vaccine mandates.

1. Measles cases 133 out of a population of 320,090,857.
 (US Census Bureau) 
WHY is 133 cases considered LARGE this year when it was over 600 cases last year and it wasn’t even mentioned in the media? 

2. When did the definition of ‘majority’ become less than half of the total number?  CDC: “The majority of people who got measles were un-vaccinated.” <source>
California Department of Public Health reports that of the 133 confirmed CALIFORNIA residents only 57 were un-vaccinated. <source>

3. If the vaccination rates have remained fairly constant why has there been a fluctuation of reported cases? 
<see graphic above>
Learn more about the strain of measles discovered in this ‘outbreak’

4.  Looking at this data <chart 3> shows that abolishing personal belief exemption would not significantly reduce the number of measles cases in California in the future. 
1) 132 out of 134 California measles cases since December have occurred in counties where the percentage of personal belief exemptions is already significantly below 5%. 
2) Most notable is LA County (with over a quarter of all measles cases state-wide) which has 1.62% of kindergarten entrants with PBE and 12.28% conditional entrants.
3) Conditional entrants have nearly triple the impact on state-wide vaccination rates of kindergarten entrants as compared to kindergarten entrants with personal belief exemptions, and 7.5 times the impact on Los Angeles county vaccination rates in particular.
4) Approximately 20% of CA measles cases since Dec. 2014 have occurred in counties with OVER 95% of kindergarten entrants fully vaccinated against measles.
5) Only 45% of measles cases have occurred in individuals under age 20. – researched by 
Kim Swensrud Loutzenhiser

MEASLES is a self limiting sickness. It has caused NO DEATHS in the US in the past decade. This ‘outbreak’ has run its course and there are no new reported cases in the past 10 days. 
– March 23, 2015


Over a 15 year period, the measles vaccine has NO EFFECT / NO IMPACT on the outbreak of the disease. The vaccination rates remain constant and the outbreak rates fluctuate drastically. 
Chart 2: Measles cases and related deaths were at a constant decline PRIOR to the introduction of vaccines.

Deaths due to measles was on a decline PRIOR to the introduction of Measles Vaccine

Chart 3: Herd Immunity is ‘achieved at 95% vaccination rates’. 132 out of 134 cases occurred in counties where the percentage of personal beliefs exemptions is significantly below 5%

Additional Concerns include…

CDC: financial conflicts of interest:

Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that cause injury and death for some.  The United States Government has paid out more than $3 billion dollars to vaccine victims. Many more people have adverse reactions. Nobody can predict who will be harmed from vaccines.

Merck, the maker of the MMR II vaccine, acts unethically in the interest of public health:

– See more at:

Religious Grounds for opposing vaccines: aborted fetal cells use to create vaccines

The science of vaccine failure in highly immunized populations is acknowledged:…/measles-outbreak-traced-fully-

The science of toxicity of vaccine ingredients is acknowledged:

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