Limited Medical Exemption Leave Little Room for Doctor

Limited Medical Exemption Leave Little Room for Doctor

my name is Stephanie a Registered Nurse and vaccine injured from Gardasil for HPV. I oppose bill HB19-1312. Medical exemptions will follow the schedule recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices as found on page 8, lines 9-15. Currently, they list these as contraindications to vaccination. 

  • Anaphylaxis-life threatening allergy- you can stop breathing
  • Encephalopathy- a coma or reduced consciousness
  • Severe Immunodeficiency- due to cancer or organ transplant

There are many adverse side effects that are listed by the manufacturer that are not included in the list above.

The most severe include:

  • Encephalitis or brain swelling
  • Seizures
  • Stroke

These conditions can lead to permanent brain damage. If you vote yes on this bill none of these or any of the very serious reactions will qualify for a medical exemption. And the ones that would qualify are useless because if your child is in a coma or stops breathing and dies there is no need to obtain an exemption of any kind.

I think we are also forgetting that there have been many outbreaks in vaccinate communities. 

Including whooping cough outbreak recently at a Harvard Westlake School in LA county where NONE of the unvaccinated contracted whopping cough. We also have had an outbreak on a military ship in an completely vaccinated population. Vaccine failure happens and can cause the diseases they prevent.  So to say the unvaccinated spread disease is false.

This bill destroys the doctor patient relationship by letting the government have the authority over a medical procedure. It also increases the liability for doctors. A doctor may feel that a child is particularly at risk for a severe reaction and because of this bill might feel pressured or forced to vaccinate the child anyway because their concerns do not meet the government criteria. This bill is an overreach of government to imply that the mutual concerns of both the child’s parent and doctor are no longer enough to decline a medical intervention.

As an RN I find it even more troubling that the state is encouraging medical professionals to give only biased, one sided educational information as informed consent.  As stated on page 5, lines 4-9.  As an RN I am professionally obligated to explain all risks and benefits to a procedure and if the patient declines, I must respect their decision whether I agree with it or not. To only provide biased one-sided educational information is considered coercion and manipulation which invalidates the process of informed consent. Education must consider multiple sources! This bill changes the sacred relationship between doctors, nurses and the patients we serve.

We all have the same goal, healthy kids and a healthy community. Please vote no on this bill. 

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