Idaho School Vaccine Exemption Form

Idaho School Vaccine Exemption Form

Idaho Schools MUST Accept a Parent’s Signed Statement for Vaccine Exemption for Religious or Philosophical Reasons. They must disclose the availability of exemptions when communicating about vaccines/immunizations.

Idaho has some of the strongest languages in the US when it comes to parental rights and vaccines!

Idaho has all three exemptions in place -medical, philosophical, and religious. We do not have to use an incriminating state form. A simple written statement invoking your right to a vaccine exemption is all that is required to exempt your child from some or all vaccinations.

As of 2021, schools must, by law, inform parents of these rights and must cite this section of the code!!

  • Idaho has vaccine exemptions for school and daycare. MEDICAL * PHILOSOPHICAL * RELIGIOUS
  • You do NOT have to fill out a specific state form nor can they discriminate against your child for any reason regarding their vaccine status.
  • The only thing necessary to evoke your child’s immunization exemption is a signed parental statement.

Example of a signed statement could be as follows:

I/We, _______________________________________, pursuant to Idaho Code 39-4802 (2)

and IDAPA I/we submit this signed statement to the school _______________________________________________________

officials objecting to immunizations on religious OR other grounds for our child ________________(name)__________________________ and (date of birth).

Changes to Idaho Law: Schools MUST Inform Parents of their right to exemptions when they communicate about “immunizations”.

The amendment to section 39-4802 reads as follows:

“School officials shall describe the exemptions provided in this section and provide a citation to this section in any communication to parents and guardians regarding immunization.”

Idaho parents will finally receive full transparency about what is actually required by Idaho law.

If parents receive any form of communication regarding vaccine requirements after July 1, 2021, that doesn’t properly include the exemption information, they should contact the school board, their district, the superintendent, the Health and Welfare Department, as well as the Department of Education.

*Send a photo and CC the communication to Health Freedom Idaho so we can track the schools that violate the law. EMAIL US if your school/daycare fails to follow the law

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