Whopping Cough: The Vaccine Spreads the Virus

Whopping Cough: The Vaccine Spreads the Virus

The DTaP/TDaP vaccines can spread the virus commonly known as whopping cough but its not through ‘shedding’ of a live virus. The vaccine can cause people to become infected, yet symptomless (or reduced symptoms) so they are unaware they actually have whopping cough and should self quarantine to avoid spreading the very illness they were trying to protect themselves (and others) from.

DTaP/TDaP can result in the shedding of pertussis used in the same way as we state a live virus vaccines “sheds’ (like in feces). 
Pertussis is a bacteria, not a virus, and it is in acellular form which is why there’s an “a” before the “P” in the name of the vaccine. It is chopped up bits of pertussis toxin (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00048610.htm) along with some other bacterial bits in the vaccine. 

The vaccine can cause someone to become an asymptomatic carrier of pertussis of they’re infected, which is just a scary as shedding, but is a different concept. 

Its important to understand this nuance.W have to make sure we’re very accurate with the facts or we’re easily discredited. The opposition is ruthless and if someone posts somewhere on the internet that TDaP “sheds” because they learned that from another person they’re targets for being discredited and then potentially questioning every statement of fact. 

Learn More about Whopping Cough Outbreaks Amoung the vaccinated at http://www.nvic.org/Vaccines-and-Diseases/Whooping-Cough.aspx

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