How to Submit an Immunization Exemption in Idaho

How to Submit an Immunization Exemption in Idaho

Idaho Parents have a right to OPT their children out of some (or all) the state-mandated vaccines for daycare and school. There are 3 exemptions for the state medical, religious and ‘other’. Many schools will not disclose this fact, some schools will demand a form signed and completed by parents. This is NOT required by the statute. A signed parental statement of objection is all that is necessary for a parent to provide the school in order to invoke the right of vaccine exemption.

No shots, no school is simply not true! 

Parent Signed Statement of Exemption from Vaccine Mandate

This is an example of text used by a parent submitting an vaccine exemption statement.

I/We, _________________, pursuant to Idaho Code 39-4802 (2) and IDAPA I/we submit this signed statement to ______________ school officials objecting to immunizations on religious OR other grounds.

*Keep in mind you don’t have to clarify whether the exemption is for religious or other reasons. Any extra information they ask from you is used for marketing, tracking with the ultimate goal of removing the liability-free vaccine exemptions.

Idaho statute 39–4802(2) permits a parent/guardian:

  1. The right to choose whether to vaccinate their child.
  2. The right to opt-out without explanation of objection. This form, created by the Health Department is NOT REQUIRED by Idaho statute. Its requirement contradicts the statute which says clearly,

“Any minor child whose parent or guardian has submitted a signed statement to school officials stating their objections on religious or other grounds shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.” 

After 3 years of persistence on the part of Health Freedom Idaho the form has been adjusted and Instructions to Parents regarding vaccine exemptions published by the Health and Welfare Department reflect this accurately. < See the new administrative rules for schools and daycares 

Health Freedom Idaho is resolved in stopping the deliberate attempt of the schools to violate parental authority to make health care choices and to protect the privacy of the medical information for their children. If you are having problem with schools who are not following law please contact us [email protected] 

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