Stand with Dr. Ryan Cole

Stand with Dr. Ryan Cole

We applaud the Ada County commissioners who voted to appoint Dr. Ryan Cole to the health board.  Dr. Cole is a pathologist in Boise and has been awfully scrutinized by the press for his opinions about masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. Of course, many individuals in favor of mandates and restrictions against health freedom are looking for ways to discredit Dr. Cole. The most recent attack comes from the Idaho Medical Association.

The medical professionals of our state need to know they’re free to advocate for the treatment they believe is best, that no one will come after them if they offer the best advice based on their medical experience and knowledge. The Board of Medicine also needs to make it clear that it will never interfere with the right of a medical practitioner to speak his mind, even if the IMA doesn’t like what is being said.

Complaint against Dr. Cole from the Idaho Medical Association

Keep in mind that there is no patient complaint against Dr. Cole.

Susie Keller, CEO of the Idaho Medical Association (who is a lobbyist NOT a clinician), and Dr. Steven Kohtz, a Medical Director with the St. Luke’s health system and President-Elect of the Idaho Medical Association, has filed a complaint against Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO of Cole Diagnostics and a board member of Idaho Central District Health.

The heart of their complaint is that Dr. Cole prescribes Ivermectin to his patients. 

The complaint based on false information

True Idaho News found Keller and Kohtz’s complaint letter to be less than honest. For example, one sentence from their complaint reads, “In fact, the significant weight of evidence is that [ivermectin] is not helpful and can be harmful and contraindicated for the purpose for which he says he has used it.”  Keller and Kohtz’s reference for that statement is a paper from the American Medical Association on why ivermectin should not be used, yet that paper lists zero evidence to support Keller and Kohtz’s claim that ivermectin is “not helpful.”  

Additionally, the paper’s statement about an increased call to poison centers for ivermectin comes from self-medicating using ivermectin paste, not from any doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, the story out of Oklahoma about hospitals being overrun by people poisoning themselves with ivermectin was found to a complete fabrication (see herehere, and here).

It is curious why Dr. Steven Kohtz a learned medical doctor claim ivermectin is unproven in treating Covid-19. A 2021 paper published by the National Institutes of Health clearly states that two-dose ivermectin prophylaxis was associated with at 72% reduction in SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) infection among healthcare workers. It appears that Susie Keller has no medical background and prides herself on being a lobbyist.

CONTACT THE Idaho Medical Association and tell them and tell them we will not allow Medical boards to be weaponized as political machines. 

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