St Lukes Hospital Suing Over Baby Cyrus Public Protests

St Lukes Hospital Suing Over Baby Cyrus Public Protests

In March 2022, a breastfed infant was medically kidnapped by St Lukes Hospital and placed in the custody of foster care. All records reveal that the hospital KNEW this child was not in imminent danger and still released him into the custody of the foster system under that guise. Mom was jailed because she respectfully refused to hand her child over to Meridian officers begging to go to the hospital with her son as he was looked at again by doctors. Her father called for public protests on the sidewalks in front of the hospital and the public offices of CPS. These protests drew attention nationwide as the family publicly shared the injustices happening at the hands of St Lukes’s and Idaho Health and Welfare Department’s Child and Family Services division.

You can read the story as reported by Health Freedom Idaho HERE

Because of the public outcry the baby was returned quickly. In addition, we are happy to report that Marissa, Levi, and baby Cyrus reunited, and all charges against her were dropped!

However, the saga continues for individuals and organizations that coordinated the public protests of the injustice for this young family, including the baby’s doting grandfather Diego Rodriquez.

St. Luke’s Hospital Suing Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, and Various Other Entities Regarding Protests

Idaho Dispatch asks Diego Rodriguez to describe the “Save Baby Cyrus” experience regarding his grandson and the lawsuit that has been filed against him by St. Luke’s Hospital as a result.

if the above link doesn’t work you can find the video here:

The entire story from the perspective of Defendant Diego Rodriguez can be found here: Baby Cyrus | Freedom Man Press. Rodriguez has also created a website to document the suit from his perspective, which can be found here: Details About the Fraudulent Lawsuit (

At the Courthouse


There was a criminal trespassing charge against Bundy regarding his presence at the St. Luke’s Meridian location the night Cyrus was removed from his parents.

The pretrial conference for that charge is scheduled for January 18, 2023, at 10 am at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise. The trial date is January 23, 2023.

JURY TRIAL St Lukes vs. Diego Rodriguez

A jury trial has been set for St. Luke’s Health System v. Diego Rodriguez on Monday, July 10, 2023. The trial has been scheduled for ten full days at the Ada County Courthouse.


Medical Kidnap is the wrongful removal of a minor or vulnerable adult from a parent or guardian by law enforcement and/or a social worker. Parents/Guardians should always have the final decision in the child or vulnerable adults’ medical care and treatment until those parental rights are terminated by due process in a court. In the wake of the #MedicalKidnap of Baby Cyrus (See, several legislators have expressed the need for parental rights protection written into the statute. Well, the legislation has been written and now we need to get the support from the legislators to have it heard and voted upon!


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