14-Year-Olds to Consent to Medical Treatment without parents knowledge or consent?

14-Year-Olds to Consent to Medical Treatment without parents knowledge or consent?

In Idaho, 14-year-old children do not require the consent of their parents to authorize hospital, medical and surgical care. School medical staff and health facilities are fully aware of this loophole around parental authority.


Predatory adults can take advantage of our impressionable preteens and put their health at risk if we don’t see a full repeal of this statute 39-3801.

MINORS — CONSENT TO TREATMENT 39-3801. INFECTIOUS, CONTAGIOUS, OR COMMUNICABLE DISEASE — MEDICAL TREATMENT OF MINOR 14 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER — CONSENT OF PARENTS OR GUARDIAN UNNECESSARY. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a minor fourteen (14) years of age or older who may have come into contact with any infectious, contagious, or communicable disease may give consent to the furnishing of hospital, medical and surgical care related to the diagnosis or treatment of such disease, if the disease or condition is one which is required by law, or regulation adopted pursuant to law, to be reported to the local health officer. Such consent shall not be subject to disaffirmance because of a minority. The consent of the parent, parents, or legal guardian of such minor shall not be necessary to authorize hospital, medical and surgical care related to such disease, and such parent, parents, or legal guardian shall not be liable for payment for any care rendered pursuant to this section.History:[39-3801, added 1971, ch. 107, sec. 1, p. 227.]

Does this mean that your 14-year-old could receive a vaccination, diagnosis and treatment at a school health clinic without your authority or permission? According to our law, “Consent of the parent or guardian is UNNECESSARY!

Think that it doesn’t affect your family, or there will be no chance of it happening.

West Ada School District hired more nurses and is Opening medical clinics on school and district properties.

Concerns brought up in the 2021 Legislative Session

These predators know that 39-3801 Idaho Code exists. HFI and Rep Priscilla Giddings brought to the attention of Chairman Fred Woods during the 2021 Regular Legislative Session that this section of the code needed to be repealed to preserve parental authority. Fred Wood refused a print hearing.

Consider this scenario of the infectious disease that has put us in a state of emergency COVID-19:

Imagine you are 14 and a freshman in high school. You are on “the list” because your parents have a vax exemption on file for you or some other reason the school knows you haven’t been injected yet with experimental mRNA gene therapy (aka medical treatment). Your 14-year-old friends have all had it. They are heckling you. You feel like the freak. The nurse calls you to the office and says, “Look right here, Idaho law says you are mature enough to make this decision on your own.” How many of us at 14 could have pushed back and said no??

THIS NEEDS TO BE REPEALED 📢https://legislature.idaho.gov/…/t39ch38/sect39-3801/

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